2014 Thanksgiving Tournament

November 28th, 29th & November 30th

High School  November 22nd-23rd

Championship games November 29th & 30th

Cory Lidle

9th Annual

Memorial Baseball Tournament


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This is a charity event. All proceeds go back to the division winners in the form of prizes or berths, Any remaining income goes to the Cory Lidle Foundation to be used exclusive for local youth charities including Make-A-Wish Foundation, City of Hope, local little league low income player support, etc.

Tournament starts Friday morning at 9am November 28th, Teams will play 3 games of pool play. Either 2 games Fri and 1 Sat or the other way around, Pool winners will advance to Sundays Championship round.

Rules for each division will be posted on their respective division page.

Last year James Schmitt - Murrieta Valley Hurricane. Mike Empting - Bolt Baseball and Mike Delbeck - PB Outlaws, stiffed the charity for all the entry fee. So Cal Outlaws -Jack Hill did not show. These non-payment caused us to lose money for our tournament and charity.

To prevent additional non payment we will have this year teams pre-register on their respective division page, we ask teams to pay in full at the time of registration or if you are not able - then teams must pay a non-refundable $50 deposit. Final payment is due November 20th.

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Thanksgiving Baseball Tournament
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